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Meet Sheriff Gary Hofmann 2022

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This website was developed for the citizens that we serve, providing, quick and easy access to information about your Elected Sheriff Gary Hofmann and your Sheriff’s Office.

“Your Office of The Sheriff is based on Integrity, Honesty and Respectability. As your elected Sheriff I will not run a negative campaign against my opponent, but rather promote the many positives of my first twelve years in office, to include the plans of our next four years.” Sheriff Gary Hofmann 2022

09/18/2018- NEWS

Endorsed by Governor Larry Hogan

“I wholeheartedly endorse Gary Hofmann for Sheriff of Queen Anne’s County. Sheriff Hofmann has been a partner in our efforts to take repeat violent criminals off the streets and battling the opioid epidemic.

He’s also been a fiscally responsible sheriff, who consistently ensures that fair and unbiased police services are provided to the citizens of Queen Anne’s County.

I support his bid for re-election and look forward to working with him over the next four years.”

Governor Larry Hogan


What have we done and whats upcoming?

(Promises made 2014, Promises Fulfilled)
Goals for the next Eight years (2014 Election Goals)

  • Full Law Enforcement Accreditation, Currently we are CALEA recognized
  • Maintain proactive programs , reducing tax payer burden
  • Auxiliary Deputy Program Volunteer
  • Continued Asset Management
  • Real time Crime Analysis
  • Grants
  • Crime Text message alerts / Reverse 911
  • Continue to provide educational programs , remaining proactive with children , adults and seniors
  • Maintain lowest crime rates
  • Maintain fiscal responsibility
  • Work with Local Officials to create enhanced traffic management plans

Goals next four years 2022

  • Maintain Low Crime Rate- Lowest on Easternshore
  • Create Mobile App so community can stay informed
  • Establish a Beach to Bridge Traffic Plan. Evaluate current initiative, and reduce Traffic flow on State Route 18, with partners)
  • Continue to reduce alcohol / drug use / “Hunt down all drug dealers, but provide help to those addicted”
  • Maintain Partnerships with allied agencies to do more with less funding
  • Maintain and enhance Grant Funding as in years past, reduce cost to our TAXPAYERS!
  • Continue fiscal responsibility, at or below budget every year. ( Returned almost $500,000.00 in 2022, stayed traditionally under budget)
  • Maintain high level of service at our Court House, adapting to the new Circuit Court House.
  • Community Programs (Drug, Alcohol, Safety, Mental Health)
  • Create Scholarship fund to help students and college bound applicants with financial help
  • Maintain Auxiliary Deputy Program and establish a Cadet Program
  • Maintain Accreditation (CALEA)  Allowing us to be part of the Nationwide 10% of police agencies whom have policies and procedures that exceed local level.
  • Maintain aggressive approach to arresting drug dealers whom contribute to someone’s death, which we have continued to demonstrate.
  • Maintain School safety in always being proactive to critical incidents, most current and fluid training, adding deputies to all schools by 2020. Currently all schools are covered by a School Resource Deputy
  • Maintain Education, Awareness and Enforcement in the opioid epidemic
  • Maintain safe Churches, Schools and Community locations through training of the community.
  • Be available as YOUR Sheriff, by Social Media, Email, Phone call and in person.

“As your Sheriff I am no different than any other community member, I am part of this community, I believe the only difference is our “Jobs”. I appreciate your trust and support, in our ability to keep Queen Anne’s County one of the safest communities on the Shore!” Sheriff Gary Hofmann